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Some Place Called Mayor's Income, TN

October 17, 18, 23, 24, 25

All shows start at 8pm except for the 25th. The show on the 25th will start at 7pm and the Annual Black Cat Ball will immediately follow.

Join us for two weekends in October as we present "SOME PLACE CALLED MAYOR'S INCOME, TN". This production is a collection of 8 short plays written by Jonathan Cook. Five of these plays are brand new to Augusta and the other three premiered in Augusta in previous years and went on to be produced in other cities and win awards.

"SOME PLACE CALLED MAYOR'S INCOME, TN" consists of the following plays -

'LOBSTER MAN' - Mark and Christa are trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, feeling certain that they are the last two people on the planet. That reality is shattered, however, when a stranger arrives at their residence and Mark is faced with the bizarre fact that this visitor is someone he created in a fairy-tale he told to Christa earlier that day.
(1st place Vittum Award Winner for One Act Category and a Semi-finalist in the 2012 Samuel French OOB Festival in NYC)

'REFLECTIONS' - After the bizarre disappearance of their daughter, a man and woman are assigned to a grief counselor to help cope with their sadness. Their story, however, leaves the counselor wondering what is fact and what is fiction.
(3rd Place - 2013 Porter Fleming Literary Award)

'CELEBRATION OF THE FOX MOON' - A cordial dinner celebration among friends is interrupted by uninvited guests - two wanted criminals hiding out from the cops.

'MY MUSE' - This dark drama features an author who is having trouble completing one of his stories. In an attempt to overcome his writer's block, he kidnaps a woman that he claims to be a muse. (Adult language)

'WAGES OF SIN' - Felix has been collecting a long trail of sins his entire life. Wanting to become a better person, he decides to go to a pawn shop to see how much they’ll pay to take them off his hands.

'TRANSFERRING KYLE' - A comedic glimpse behind the scenes of the life of Kyle Henley. He is not on the right path in life, so it is decided by management that he must be replaced.

'A PLAY BY THEODORE JANUS' - Playwright, Theodore Janus, visits an actress that is performing one of his plays the day before they close the show. He tries to convince her to change the ending for the final performance – to turn her character’s tragic death into a finale where she survives. Free will versus a scripted fate.

'MARIGOLD' - A man enjoying a day at the park encounters two strangers who both mistake his identity – a deal is made, money is transferred, and the man is left confused on what he was just a part of.

Later Event: October 25
The Black Cat Ball 2014