Wages of Cine is a native production house of Augusta Ga. Started in 2015, they embarked on the film making journey not just to make films but to foster filmmaking within the community. Starting with their series 30 Second Movies where fans could submit ideas and have them come to life through Wages of Cine. Quick to follow was the feature anthology of Arte Factum that brought together 12 directors to tell 12 stories about a strange relic. At present they have a project that presents 12 different directors telling a story circle of Old Man of the Rooks to be completed at the end of 2017. Their busy schedule is peppered with other projects and movie reviews that can be viewed on their YouTube Channel. In addition to making movies, they help with the Black Cat Picture Show Film Festival and present the Wages of Cine Award, the coveted Golden VHS Cassette.

Check out some of their work in the clips below and be sure to join them every last Friday of the month at 10pm for Wages of Cine Presents: Nite of Cine.



Watch this jam from Wages of Cine!

Our friends over at Wages of Cine ride again! Check out this joint!