Scream Queens of the Silver Screen

October 19 & 20th at 8pm

Dirty South Burlesque & Cabaret does Halloween in Hollywood style this October! Scream Queens of the Silver Screen celebrates classic and current horror movies in frisky burlesque fashion.

VIP Tables are extremely limited and include up-front seating for 2 and wine/beer of your choice. Only 5 available each night, buy soon!

Make sure to bring cash to tip the talent and buy raffle tickets for fun prizes!


11th Annual Black Cat Carnival

October 27th – 8pm

Join us for our infamous Fall fundraiser, the Black Cat Carnival, a surreal mix of Halloween party and carnival. Tunes maestrated by none other than the spookiest DJ in the AGS, DJ Codec.

Free admission to the party, but tickets are the currency of the carnival and must be purchased on site; Sideshow admission is 5 tickets, midway games range from 1-5 tickets.

For those wanting V.I.C(lown) treatment, there’s Ole Worm’s Curio Cupboard. VIC passes are $35 each or $60 for a pair and limited to the first 60 people, follow the ticketing link below to purchase in advance.

The V.I.C. area has a private bar with the dangerously delicious BOTTOMLESS boozy pink lemonade and food!


eXtreme Theatre Games

November 2nd at 8pm & 10pm


Come watch comedy get made up on the spot as two teams of crack improvisers battle it out in the continuing quest for comedic domination as Schrodinger’s Cat presents eXtreme Theatre Games. If you love Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Improvaganza, or other improv comedy shows, come down and be part of the mayhem!

Schrodinger’s Cat is Augusta’s premiere comedy improv troupe and their home is at Le Chat Noir in downtown Augusta, on the corner of 8th and Ellis. eXtreme Theatre Games happens every First Friday at 8PM and 10PM. Tickets are $12.

Performed by Schrodinger’s Cat


Fish in the Dark

by Larry David

November 9, 10, 15, 16, & 17 • 8pm

Norman Drexel is a middle-aged urinal salesman whose father, Sidney, is about to kick the bucket. As the family gathers at pop’s bedside, the dying old man makes Norman and his brother, Arthur, promise to let their mother live with one of them for the rest of her life. Of course, no one can tell which brother Sidney was talking to, and it falls upon Norman, the socially inept oaf, and his beleaguered wife to take mom in, even though she hates everything about her son’s shiksa spouse. Naturally, Norman manages to alienate just about everyone in his path, with the exception of Fabiana, the longtime family housekeeper, who’s been harboring a major secret involving her 20-year-old son.


2nd Annual Harry Potter Pub Crawl

November 17 

This year Le Chat Noir will be participating in the pub crawl opening Slug’s Club Speakeasy! Just come by the theater starting at 10pm and find the witch for details on how to get through the painting to the club!

We will be offering a Draught of Amortentia (to bewitch your crush) for $5 and Drams of Felix Felicis (to give you the “liquid luck” to do it) for $3.

Be careful with both, as who knows which witch or wizard you could be snogging by the end of the night…

The pub crawl officially kicks off at 8pm, for more information of the crawl,  CLICK HERE!