eXtreme Theatre Games

January 4th at 8pm & 10pm


Come watch comedy get made up on the spot as two teams of crack improvisers battle it out in the continuing quest for comedic domination as Schrodinger’s Cat presents eXtreme Theatre Games. If you love Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Improvaganza, or other improv comedy shows, come down and be part of the mayhem!

Schrodinger’s Cat is Augusta’s premiere comedy improv troupe and their home is at Le Chat Noir in downtown Augusta, on the corner of 8th and Ellis. eXtreme Theatre Games happens every First Friday at 8PM and 10PM. Tickets are $12.

Performed by Schrodinger’s Cat


Next Fall by Geoffrey Nauffts

January 17,18, & 19 – 8pm

Next Fall is about two men in a committed relationship, both with very different religious beliefs. The play centers around their five-year relationship through the ups and downs they face. After an accident, their worlds collide further as they face the topics of faith, family, and love.


Photos with Santa

Saturday December 8 & Sunday December 9 from 11am to 2pm

We wanted to break from convention, as we tend to do; this is not the Coca-cola Santa that EVERYBODY does. Ours is a working Santa tinkering away in his shop making lists and checking them twice, building toys, and being his general lovable self. Bring your kids, and/or your dog, and/or your friends, or even just you; hang with Santa and get your picture made.


Lost Girls

by John Pollono

December 14, 15, 20, 21, & 22 • 8pm

When the sixteen-year-old daughter of former high school sweethearts, now divorced parents, Maggie and Lou goes missing during a winter storm, they are forced to confront the legacy of their past decisions. Filled with poignant passions and dark humor, LOST GIRLS is a hard-hitting drama about the women of a blue-collar family struggling to rise above their limited prospects, in a world indifferent to their struggles, to prevent history from repeating itself.


2nd Annual Harry Potter Pub Crawl

November 17 

This year Le Chat Noir will be participating in the pub crawl opening Slug’s Club Speakeasy! Just come by the theater starting at 10pm and find the witch for details on how to get through the painting to the club!

We will be offering a Draught of Amortentia (to bewitch your crush) for $5 and Drams of Felix Felicis (to give you the “liquid luck” to do it) for $3.

Be careful with both, as who knows which witch or wizard you could be snogging by the end of the night…

The pub crawl officially kicks off at 8pm, for more information of the crawl,  CLICK HERE!